updated kdebase and libs

Added Arch Artwork to kde: new default background new default logout picture new kdm look

Added new Defaults: new kdm defaults new Fonts setup (changed ugly helvetica to Bitstream Vera and antialiasing is enabled by default) Cups is now default printing system

Finally: Added an Arch Menu in K-Menu for quicklinks on Arch services on Homepage

If you get problems while installing: error: the following file conflicts were found: kdebase: /opt/kde/share/apps/kdm/faces/.default.face.icon: exists in filesystem

you had set an other face-icon in kdm configure gui you can safely install the package using the -f option

The reason for cannot see all the changes after update is that you manually changed things for your user, that is no problem to see all changes take a new user and see what the defaults are now

enjoy the new kde default look