UPDATE: kernel 2.6.17 series in testing, big changes

Hi kernel 2.6.17rc6 launched to testing! Changes:

  • replaces kernel24 and kernel24-scsi
  • switches to mkinitcpio, mkinitrd is still there

Known broken modules:

  • ivtv

If you find a way to compile the modules, inform us to safe us work :)

Notes on mkinitcpio: It's the successor of mkinitrd script, if you don't know what it is and how it works please look at the wiki:

Click here it explains how it works, it should come with decent default config, though it hasn't been tested much so please fill bug reports if you find bugs.

You have to change your bootloader to use it by default, as mentioned while installing.

We will leave this stuff for a long period in this stage to smash all bugs until moving it to mkinitcpio only setup.

thanks for your help in finding bugs. greetings tpowa