Trusted User Repositories

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for! Trusted User Repositories (TURs)!

Some Trusted Users (TUs) have been asked to run their own repositories at one central location that anyone can access. This will definitely clean up incoming (because we'll be taking those user's packages out!).

Each of these TUs has said they were interested in having their packages in their own repository and keeping them up to date. That way you don't have to worry about packages being out of date, like they could be when you pull them out of incoming.

I'm going to state the warning right now. While these are trusted users, what they do with their packages is their own business. If one of the TU's packages breaks your system, leaves your doors unlocked, or runs away with your girlfriend (or boyfriend) it's not any of the Archlinux maintainers' faults. Talk to the TU.

Another use for these repos is to let other, not so trusted, users submit their packages to a TU to have it looked over and possibly included in the user's repo. Incoming will still exist, but it makes it easier on the maintainers this way.

The address for TUR is Weren't the people at Berlios nice? Give them a round of applause, without them this would be much more difficult.