Testing Repository

Hey all,

We've been making some pretty big package updates lately, packages that in turn affect many other packages. So it seems to be a good time to unveil our special testing repository. Testing is a special repository, in that it holds packages that will eventually graduate to one of the other three repos (Current, Extra, or Unstable).

Testing packages are easy to spot because they always have a special package release designation. Instead of a normal "-1" or "-2" style, testing packages will appear as "-1t1", "-1t2", etc.

If you wish to help us test out new and potentially broken packages, you can activate testing by putting it above your other repositories in pacman.conf: [testing] Server = ftp://ftp.archlinux.org/testing Warning: these packages will be about as unstable as it gets. Only use this repo if you want to help the developers test packages. The more people to help test, the quicker we can get the new packages into the main repos.

Thanks, everyone.