testing: amarok -> amarok-base + amarok-engine-XY

The package amarok is undergoing a change in the way it is packaged in archlinux. The objective is to put the engines and their dependencies into separate packages leaving a amarok-base that do not depend on xine, gst or arts. For more details see bug 2495.


  • The package amarok from extra will be replaced by amarok-base. (in the same way, amarok-mysqlfree will be replaced by amarok-base-mysqlfree) It will contain only aKode as engine.
  • New packages in extra will provide the additional engines for amarok. They are called amarok-engine-arts, amarok-engine-gst and amarok-engine-xine. Later there is possibility to add more engines for amarok. A candidate would be NMM.
  • The package amarok-devel from unstable will be discontinued.
  • visulisation: the libvisual engine in amarok is mature enough now (= it works without crashing) and therefore there is no need for xmmswrapper2 visulisation engine to be in amarok (it causes amarok depend on gtk and xmms). therefore i decided to drop xmmswrapper2 engine and provide libvisual only in amarok-base and amarok-base-mysqlfree.
  • as soon as mysql is a standalone plugin for amarok, amarok-base-mysqlfree will be obsolete.

testing needed! the packages are now ready for testing in the [testing] repository. discussion takes place in the forums here.