Some kernel changes

Hello all,

As you all well know by this point, the kernel developers have taken to releasing minor updates every week or so (,, etc.).

This has really increased the kernel maintenance workload for tpowa and myself, because each kernel rebuild means that all extraneous modules (nforce, ipw2X00, ltmodem, slmodem, etc.) need to be rebuilt with that version.

To try save us some time, tpowa has reworked the kernel 2.6 PKGBUILDs slightly. We still stay up to date with the latest minor revision of the kernels, but we change the internal version number so that the last minor revision number is truncated. For example, when you install kernel26- and run uname -r, it will say 2.6.12 instead of

This saves us time, because tpowa no longer has to rebuild all extraneous modules with each minor revision upgrade. It means a quicker build process and less time involved in moving kernel-related packages back and forth between Extra and Testing.

If you have any questions or concerns, send them to the ML or myself and tpowa.