Server Donation Drive

On the Archlinux Mailing List, Judd posted the following:

Hey all,

I'm sure you all already know this, but we've kinda hit a brick wall, growth-wise, and that wall is dragon -- our ailing, underpowered server.

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to get a bugfix package uploaded when the server is unresponsive. And I'm sure it's equally (if not more) frustrating to be sitting on a broken Arch box with no access to the wiki or forums because the whole server is down.

Well, let's fix it then! Dale Blount's company has graciously offered us some rack space in their facility, and Paul Mattal's company has graciously donated part of the funds required to purchase the hardware. We're looking at about 2500 bucks total. With Paul's help and existing donation money left over from existing server expenses, we have about $1100, leaving us with another $1400 to pull out of the air.

So here is my public plea to all of you for some financial help. If you've already donated, or can't afford to help out, that's cool -- we understand. But if you have some bucks kicking around that you were just going to use as scrap paper or paper-airplane material, then please consider sending it our way instead.

Many thanks to everyone for helping to keep us afloat. If this fails, we have to resort to auctioning off our developers for random housechores and general abuse. Phrakture drew the short straw, so he's first.

- J