Removal of ArchCK

ArchCK has no longer been actively developed for over a month, and has effectively been replaced by the beyond stable tree. It is to be replaced by kernel26beyond, using the beyond patchset.

For details on this move, please read:

During the next week, all traces of ArchCK will be removed from the repositories, beginning with the various drivers, and next Friday/Saturday the kernel itself will be removed, beyond will not however automatically replace it, it is up to you to do that.

During this week it is advised that you move to beyond, the upgrade path is simple,

pacman -Sy mkinitramfs kernel26beyond

Then add a new entry to your bootloader to boot up beyond, with the appropriate kernel image and initrd entry. More information on this is on the wiki at:

Once you are sure kernel26beyond is up and running, you are safe to remove kernel26archck, and it's bootloader lines.