Qmail Deprecation


The use of qmail with Arch Linux has been a disaster for some time now. The state of the codebase, while incredibly safe if you manage to do everything right, is very hard to maintain, and the redistribution requirements for binaries are draconian, requiring all sorts of un-arch-like contortions in the PKGBUILD and installation process.

Furthermore, the inability to maintain qmail and its companion packages has made using a qmail/vpopmail system a security risk.

For these reasons, the developers hereby deprecate the use of qmail with Arch. As of 9/1/2005, the following packages will be removed from [extra]:

autorespond ezmlm-idx ezmlm-idx-mysql qmail-installer qmailadmin qmailanalog vmailmgr vpopmail

As some of you may know, I have used Qmail for years. I have loved the security that it has afforded me. I have frequently found myself frustrated by having to apply patches to a codebase that refuses to be officially maintained. The reality is that none of us on the dev team has the time to maintain Qmail the way it needs to be maintained, and in its current state it can do more harm than good.

Sometime in the next few months, you can expect to see some new Postfix packages that will do everything qmail could do before and more. You can also expect to see documentation in the Wiki about how to set up your own Postfix "toaster" supporting spam filtering, virtual users, webmail, and any other bells and whistles we can possibly throw in.

Best, Paul