Pacman 3: Ready To Move

Hello, We are mere hours away from pacman 3 moving to current.

However, we have a slight issue. Now this is not fatal, it is more of an inconvenience. The current pacman package, when it finds an upgrade of itself, only tries to install 'pacman'. pacman 3.0 has 2 new dependencies which will not be installed, and pacman will error out when upgrading, telling you that these dependencies are missing.

It's rather easy to solve, but is inconvenient. Just run the following before a full system upgrade: pacman -Sy pacman

I apologize for the trouble, but there's no easy way to fix this in a short amount of time.

I will let this post simmer just a bit before moving pacman out, but it will end up in current real soon.

As an additional note, the two dependencies needed (libdownload and libarchive) are in current already, so you can preempt this by installing them now.