Pacman 2.6 Released

Pacman 2.6 has been released. Version 2.6 has a number of changes and improvements, including some new tags for virtual provisions and combined/replaced packages.

We'll begin using some of these new features in a week or so, which should give everyone time to upgrade to 2.6.

Big changes are below:

  • Added group handling, so one can run 'pacman -S kde' and install all files from the KDE group
  • Fixed a duplication bug in cascade package removal
  • Added support for virtual provisions with "provides" tags
  • When conflicts are encountered, pacman now offers the chance to remove the conflicting packages (provides or literals)
  • Added support for renamed/combined packages with a "replaces" tag
  • Added --nostrip option to makepkg
  • Improved --search to list all packages from all repos when a search term is omitted
  • Added logging support through syslog()
  • Added fakeroot support to makepkg (RomanK)
  • Added MD5sum generation/validation to makepkg (RomanK)
  • Fixed a progress bar bug (Aurelien Foret)
  • Sorted makepkg's .FILELISTs (Aurelien Foret)
  • Targets are now re-ordered w.r.t. dependencies when using -A/-U
  • Modified --search to work when called as -Sys
  • Modified abs to use ABS_ROOT from /etc/abs/abs.conf (Aurelien)

Enjoy, and report problems to me or the bugtracker!