Packaging error (missing /etc/profile) in bash 3.2.025-3

Due to a packaging error, the bash package, version 3.2.025-3, was missing the /etc/profile file. This was noticed one day after its move into core and corrected today with the release of bash 3.2.025-4.

Unfortunately, because the /etc/profile file was moved out of control of pacman if you upgraded, pacman will refuse to upgrade the bash package because of a fileconflict. This is a rare occasion where the use of pacman -Sf is encouraged to solve this issue. This can be safely done in this case because /etc/profile is in the backup array of bash so will not be overwritten.

For those worried, you may wish to backup the file first, sync the bash package, and then ensure your customizations to the profile file have not been lost. We apologize for this oversight and will do our best to ensure it doesn't happen again.