OpenOffice 2.0 pre versions now in [unstable]

hi now a little present for x-mas from my side to the arch community: Openoffice 2.0 packages in different languages: as usual they are NO source builds!

there are a lot of improvements over 1.1.4 but it is only a PREVIEW version beta is tagged for january and final around march/april

more details you can find here: New Features

and the best thing you can use it parallel to OO 1.1.4

spellchecking packages need some tweaking for it, but we will find a solution for that, if you have one go ahead send it to me :)

No openoffice2-base package is needed anymore since OO now supports multilanguage installs !

pacman -S openoffice2 (should make all english people make happy) pacman -S openoffice2-XX (for the rest)

forum link for discussion is here: Forum

happy x-mas to all of you out there :) enjoy OO 2.0