new vi, vim, gvim in testing

After some time we used post_install magic to make the vim binary more capable and some people complaining about vim not having x features while gvim is not installed I decided to separate all packages. This means we have a new layout of the packages:

  • vi - serves vi binary only, ex, vidiff and the whole runtime. No X-server capabilities, and it listens /etc/virc and ~/.virc only! This is the only package that comes with base. vim moves to editors
  • vim - X capabilities(can drag splits in xterms, runs as server etc), Ruby,python and Perl-support. listens to /etc/vimrc ~/.vimrc
  • gvim - like vim but with gtk2 interface and listens to /etc/gvimrc and ~/.gvimrc

The reason is that people complaint about missing X support in vim sessions, and for some people the symlinks screwed up.