New Release Schedule

I'm sure some of you noticed our little "Duke Nukem" joke here on the front page. Sure it was partially April Fools related, but there's some truth to it.

Sadly, Arch will never have a 1.0 release. It is, in fact, canceled. But this is for the best.

We're changing gears and switching the way we do releases. Going forward, a new ISO will be released with each new kernel version. This will give us an easy milestone for us, and you, to follow.

In addition, like many have asked for hundreds of times, we're renumbering our releases. When the next kernel 2.6.22 is released, we will push out a new ISO image, set with the YYYYMM based timestamp of the release. That is, if 2.6.22 was released right now, you would all see a 200704 ISO sitting here.

Hooray for the winds of change.