Nasty daemontools bug

Hi Archers!

There is a nasty bug in the current version of the daemontools (0.76-1) package. The bug will be triggered if you remove or upgrade the daemontools package. If triggered, your /etc/inittab file may be emptied and you could essentially be booted off your machine, forcing you to reboot with a rescue CD and manually restore your /etc/inittab.

The latest release (0.76-2), will fix this bug, but by upgrading, you run the risk of triggering the bug. To protect yourself, make a copy of your /etc/inittab file, temporarily rename /sbin/telinit, do the deamontools upgrade, restore /sbin/telinit and verify that your /etc/inittab file is intact. The shell commands below can be used to perform this procedure.

    # 1) make a backup of your /etc/inittab file cp /etc/inittab /etc/inittab.bak # 2) ignore any 'telinit: command not found' errors mv /sbin/telinit /sbin/ pacman -Sy daemontools mv /sbin/ /sbin/telinit # 3) restore your /etc/inittab if it got emptied during the upgrade. # you might be better off doing a visual inspection of /etc/inittab # just to be safe. if [ ! -s /etc/inittab ]; then cp /etc/inittab.bak /etc/inittab; fi # 4) if all has gone well, inform init of the new service /sbin/telinit q

If you currently have daemontools installed, and just want to remove it without doing the upgrade, use the shell commands above except replace 'pacman -Sy deamontools' with 'pacman -R daemontools' in step number two.