Linux 2.6.25 moves to core

It took much longer than usual, I'm sorry for that, but kernel26 has now been moved to core. Here are the changes:

  • Configuration has been reviewed completely, some more drivers have been enabled, configurations for both architectures are now in sync
  • IO accounting has been enabled, this makes it possible to use iotop
  • Cleaned up the kernel patches, everything is now in one big -ARCH patch, for details look at;a=summary


  • The USB subsystem can now only be accessed by GPL kernel modules. Therefore, the slmodem USB module does no longer work. I compiled the slmodem package without the slusb.ko module, I have no idea if this is still useful.
  • martian no longer compiles, I have no idea why and didn't find a fix for it.
  • Some users report that their iwl4965 is broken in 2.6.25, while others say it works fine. See these two bug reports:,

I advise all affected users to keep a copy of the old kernel26 and module packages or not to update at all.

Some of the configuration changes made the kernel more modular, therefore you may need to load some modules manually or via rc.conf, examples are the 'loop' and 'autofs4' modules.