kernel 2.6.9 usb problems and nvidia users

Some of you out there experienced that usb is not working anymore with 2.6.9 kernel.

Here the reason for it: The usb host kernel parts are built as modules now that means if you don't use hotplug daemon which loads these modules during startup, you have to load these modules in your r rc.conf module list. The modules are: ohci_hcd for usb1.0 uhci_hcd for usb1.0 ehci_hcd for usb2.0

try the right module you need

users of nvidia package out there: the nvidia-3 package contains the fixes for kernel 2.6.9 it may happen that your db of your mirror is not synced right and then you still get -2 package as nvidia package and that will not work with 2.6.9. If this happens try to get -3 file and install it by hand using pacman -U

enjoy kernel 2.6.9