Kernel 2.6.27 in core

Last night, kernel26 2.6.27-2 has been moved from testing to core. This upgrade seems to be pretty smooth, so don't expect many problems.

  • Watchdog drivers have been enabled as modules.
  • MSI/MSI-X is now activated. If your system fails to boot or some PCI devices don't work, add pci=nomsi to your kernel commandline (
  • The ipw3945 driver doesn't compile anymore. It's probably easy to patch, but we'll stop maintaining it anyway. Please use iwl3945 or compile the driver yourself (the latest PKGBUILD and patches can be found at
  • The snd-pcsp driver has been added, which emulates a sound card on your speaker. For some people this seems to replace the default sound card. If you have problems with sound after the update, blacklist the snd-pcsp module in rc.conf.

If any other problems occur, please use the bugtracker or the arch-general mailing list as usual.