Kernel in Core

After a testing phase kernel has been moved to Core where it replaces version

Some of the most visible changes for users include:

  • more mac80211-based wireless drivers added
  • tickless support for x86_64
  • uvesafb; support for ATI Xpress 200M and Mac framebuffers
  • ACPI usage in libata
  • SATA port multipliers support
  • NCQ support on MCP51/MCP55/MCP61 chipsets (add 'swncq=1' to the kernel boot commandline)
  • SDIO support
  • ability to use any kernel version to resume a hibernated system
  • read-only --bind mounts
  • tons of bugfixes and improvements

A detailed human-readable changelog is available at KernelNewbies Wiki.

Attention! The kernel26- package includes an important security fix (local user privilege escalation). Everyone is encouraged to upgrade, especially on a system with ssh accounts.