Kernel 2.6.22 in testing

Good morning,

just a few minutes ago, the 2.6.22 kernel has been submitted to the testing repository. Please test it and report any bugs that might occur, so we hopefully can move it to current within a week. This kernel will also be the basis of the "Archlinux 2007.07 Don't panic" snapshot.

A list of bugs can be found here:

For any changes in 2.6.22, see this site:

I'd like to emphasize two changes:

We re-added the rt2x00 drivers which (thanks to the mac80211 stack being merged in 2.6.22) now compile again and seem to work for me (rt2500pci). The mac80211 stack also allows us to ship the iwlwifi driver for intel 3945 and 4965 users. The driver for the 3945 is not as stable as ipw3945 yet, so people should not switch to it yet. However, it is the only driver for the 4965 wireless chipset.

Both i686 and x86_64 now include the option for Intel Microcode updates which has been requested several times. I am going to add microcode_ctl to the repos, until then it is available from the AUR.

Happy testing and good night Thomas