kernel 2.6.19 series hits testing (Update)

Hi kernel 2.6.19 series is now in testing, it will be the kernel series for 0.8 release so please test this stuff well before it can go into current repository.

Changes: New PATA/IDE subsystem - EXPERIMENTAL

To use the new pata drivers, change the 'ide' hook to 'pata' in /etc/mkinicpio.conf HOOKS= The new system changes: /dev/hd? to /dev/sd? Don't forget to modify GRUB, LILO and fstab to the new naming system. eg: hda3 --> sda3, hdc8 --> sdc8

piix/ata_piix (Intel chipsets) - IMPORTANT

If you have enabled ide/pata/sata HOOKs in /etc/mkinitcpio.conf the 'ata_piix' module will be used. This may cause your devices to shift names, eg: - IDE: devices from hd? to sd? - SATA: sda might shift to sdc if you have 2 other disks on a PIIX IDE port. To check if this will affect you, check 'mkinitcpio -M' for piix/ata_piix

have fun and report bugs thanks

greetings tpowa