kernel 2.6.18 series / udev 100 in testing


Kernel: kernel 2.6.18 series is now in testing, it will be the kernel series for 0.8 release so please test this stuff well before it can go into current repository.

Changes: - mkinitrd has been replaced by successor mkinitcpio! you will be asked while installing to replace mkinitrd and mkinitramfs, say yes because mkinitrd and mkinitramfs will not work with these kernels anymore. - kexec support has been added nice feature to bypass bios routine on reboot - REGPARM=y is now enabled should speedup kernel a bit - new standard scheduler is CFQ is the new default in kernel - ext2 is now a module not needed anymore to be included in kernel - floppy is now a module if you need your floppy load it by MODULES=(floppy) in rc.conf - added jmicron ide support - raid5 and raid6 module were merged to raid456 module

Udev: - old rules stuff was removed and rules syntax was migrated. - kernel >=2.6.18 is now recommended to run this udev release 2.6.17 series should still work - The syntax of udev rules has been changed in >=098 release, please update your rules. - udev >= 099 Persistent rules generator for network and cd/dvd devices was added. - arch-udev-readme.txt was updated - for more information about syntax change and persistent rules please read the arch-udev-readme.txt after installation!

have fun and report bugs thanks

greetings tpowa