kde 3.4 pre packages now available

Greetings to all kde users out there. They are available in my tur ( Trusted User Repository). Add it to your pacman.conf if you would like to test the new kde3.4. It could look like this: [tpowa] Server = ftp://ftp.belnet.be/packages/archlinux/tur/tpowa Server = http://archlinux.antesis.org/tur/tpowa

ATTENTION THIS BETA1 MAY CONTAIN BUGS SO PLEASE DON'T BLAME ME FOR DATALOSS AND MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR FILES!!! (for me it runs stable so far but you should know what could happen)

kde-i18n packages from 3.3.2 work fine with it. I'll upload new kde-i18n packages prehaps next weekend. Thanks for your feedback.Enjoy new kde release.

Have fun with the new features and please report problems. forum link for dicussion: Tell me your opinion about new kde 3.4