Job Opening

Hey kids, The ArchLinux dev team is looking for a few package maintainers!

Basic Duties:

  • Maintain a handful of official Arch Linux packages in [extra]
  • Participate in mailing list discussion on arch-dev
  • Work constructively with other users and developers to fix bugs and improve packages


  • A strong knowledge of Arch Linux and Linux in general
  • A good understanding of pacman and makepkg
  • Well-written, good communication
  • Enough free time!

If you feel you meet our expectations and have the time and desire to be on the Arch team, please send an email to aaron containing the following:

  • How long you've been active with Linux, and ArchLinux.
  • Any projects you've created or contributed to
  • A list of packages you maintain in the AUR/community
  • Any specific goals you may have in mind when joining our team
  • Any nicknames you use, in case I can't match the name to the nick yet 8)
  • Any specific packages you'd be interested in maintaining.