Initscripts update

Hi, finally i think hwdetect comes to final stage :) it does now module ordering with priority to internal devices, this is important for network or scsi. added a load_modules=off option to rc.sysinit, that means if you run into trouble with module loading just add this option to your boot prompt and modules are not loaded anymore. to activate hwdetect use in rc.conf:

Scan hardware and load required modules at bootup


Module Blacklist - modules in this list will never be loaded by hwdetect


Important: If you decide to use hwdetect, please disable hotplug daemon, because it doesn't make sense to run it anymore and is pretty obsolete now. Keep in mind: MODULES= is now only needed for modules that are not detected by hwdetect.

To get a list of detected modules use: hwdetect -show-modules

greetings tpowa