inetutils-1.6-2 in [core]

To replace several orphaned netkit packages that were unmaintained upstream, we just added inetutils-1.6-2 in the [core] repo. This new package will provide the following network clients/daemons: ftp/ftpd rexec/rexecd rlogin/rlogind rsh/rshd talk/talkd telnet/telnetd rcp.

It will be replacing the following packages: core/netkit-telnet extra/netkit-ftp extra/netkit-rsh

On a related note, netkit-tftp will be remove from the repo in favor of tftp-hpa. The inetutils tools can also profide a tftp client/server. It's currently not included in the inetutils package but we could provide them in a separate package if there is sufficient demand for it. Please update your settings/configs accordingly.