GTK 2.10 enters testing

New versions of cairo, pango, glib2, gtk2, libgnomeui, gtk-engines and several image loader plugins entered testing. Noticable changes: - speed improvements due to cairo - new fileselector - asynchronous gnomevfs fileselector, no longer hangs while browsing remote shares

Known bugs: - gnome-terminal about screen doesn't close, will backport fix from CVS for this - gedit can't browse network:///, displays smb-root.desktop - some theme engines or image loader plugins are not updated to the 2.10 module dir, please report bugs for these.

Please test your software with the new packages and report bugs when weird things happen on your system. Pango is still a development version, which means these packages can't enter current before Pango 1.14.0 has been released. Plans are to move these packages to current as soon as Pango 1.14.0 gets released and no bugs are open against these packages.