Git migration announcement

This Friday morning (2023-05-19) the Git packaging migration will start until Sunday (2023-05-21). The Arch Linux packaging team will not be able to update packages in any of the repositories during this period.

Notification when the migration starts, and when it is completed, will be published on the [arch-dev-public] mailing list.

How does this impact Arch Linux users?

The [testing] repository will be split into [core-testing] and [extra-testing], the [staging] repository will be split into [core-staging] and [extra-staging]. The [community] repository will be merged into [extra] and will therefore be empty after the migration.

All affected repositories will be provided as empty repositories for a transition period after the migration. For regular users, this means that everything works as before.

Note: After the migration is done, users that have the testing repositories enabled need to include the new repositories ([core-testing] and [extra-testing] instead of [testing]) in their pacman.conf before updating their system.

Other changes:

  • SVN access is discontinued and will dissappear.
  • The svn2git mirror will no longer be updated.
  • asp, which relies on the svn2git mirror, will stop working. It is replaced by pkgctl repo clone.

How does this impact Arch Linux tier 1 mirrors?

During the migration rsync and HTTP access will be shut down. We will send an email notification to arch-mirrors once everything has been finished.

How does this impact Arch Linux packagers?

Packagers will not be able to patch and update their packages. The internal Tier 0 mirror is also going to be disabled for the duration of this migration.