Farewell to kernel26suspend2

After several days of trying to get tuxonice running stable, I give up. I have no effort anymore to get this kernel running. No other developer wants to maintain it. I have also asked on the TU mailinglist, but no answer so far. That means, that kernel26suspend will die shortly and will be deleted from the official repo.

If anyone from the community want to "maintain" it further, feel free to download the PKGBUILD and patches of the kernel26suspend and corresponding modules from CVS and put it to AUR.

My suggestion to everyone who is using kernel26suspend2, look at the package "suspend" in AUR. It does nearly the same as kernel26suspend2, but without the need of an extra kernel.

Sorry for the bad news, but that is the farewell to the officially supported kernel26suspend2/tuxonice package and modules.