CETW Problems

It is with great sadness that I write this message.

When we first released Arch Linux 0.7 (Wombat) we were contacted by the Centre for Ethical Treatment of Wombats (CETW). CETW felt that we were somehow hurting wombats worldwide by releasing an "open source project" with the codename Wombat. While we tried to convince them that Arch Linux was a Linux distribution and that no wombats were harmed during the creation of our release, they wouldn't accept it.

So they threatened to sue us unless we changed our destructive ways.

After much deliberation, we have figured out that we don't actually have enough money to fight them in court. Instead we have chosen to settle outside of court. Part of our settlement is to discontinue the development of Arch Linux.

And thus, through a poor choice of naming, Arch Linux is no more. All of the developers would like to thank the community for their support and contributions.