AUR Released!


It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of the AUR. You may visit it at:

The Guidelines linked off of the front contain essential information about the AUR, so you should start by reading those. It's a short read.

Please leave feedback in Flyspray if you find things that aren't working properly. There's a link to Flyspray on the AUR front page.

Far from the end of the AUR project, this is the first step in its lifecycle. The initial goal of this project was to replace the incoming FTP directory with something better and more organized; I think we have achieved that and then some. From here we need to work together to improve it.

I deserve only a small amount of credit for bringing this project to launch. I would like to thank Jason Chu and Eric Johnson for being the ones to carry AUR through the initial design and coding stages. I would like to thank Ben Mazer for his invaluable leadership in helping us figure out how the AUR will serve the needs of the existing TU community, and helping to communicate that and hammer out the details. And I'd like to thank all of those who have already given feedback, patches, and other useful help in getting us this far.

That's it; have at it!

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