Archlinux 2008.04-RC

A new batch of install images is currently syncing to mirrors. FTP images have been made available tonight, while CORE images will be pushed tomorrow night in order to distribute the load.

This marks the first release (well ok... release candidate) based on a true live Arch system. That is, what's on the images is just a plain old base installation which just happens to boot off of a CD or USB stick.

Whoah... did you just say USB stick? Why yes I did! That's right, from here on out we'll be offering bootable USB disk images that can act as a live system or installer.

The installer script itself is roughly the same as it's always been. The most noticable change is the use of UUIDs instead of sdX/hdX entries by default. A more detailed changelog should be visible on soon-ish.

If you get the chance, please give the images a spin. You can find them on our mirrors, in the iso directory. Please file bugs if you encounter any problems.

By the way, the "RC" status of these images should not be a turn-off if you're looking to install Arch, there's a very good chance they'll work just fine for you.