Arch Linux gets a new look!

No, we're not dead!

My apologies for the lack of updates recently. On the surface, Arch Linux does not show many signs of activity, but rest assured, underneath we are very busy preparing for the release of Arch Linux 0.5 (Nova).

This new website is the first step in a new stage of growth within Arch Linux. After Nova's release, you can expect to see some new activity around the Arch neighborhood:

  • Pacman 3.0 design and development will begin.
  • We will begin recruiting more developers to assist with package maintenance, documentation, and procedures.
  • We will introduce a social contract to the Arch Linux community, our promise to you.
  • We will release an i585-optimized version of the Arch package set, allowing users to run Arch Linux on Pentium or K6-2 architecture.

A big thanks to the community for all their support and help in developing this great project. Stay tuned for Nova's release in the next month or so.