Arch Linux 0.5 Released

Arch Linux 0.5 (Nova) is now available for download. Over the last seven months we've added a million package updates, PAM support, LVM support, GRUB support, and a ton of other little things that you may not notice, but are working behind the scenes to make your Arch Linux experience as smooth as possible.

We've provided two ISO images with this release:

  • the full-size image (628mb) contains all official packages
  • the base-only image (105mb) contains only base packages needed to get your system up and running.
As in beta4, the base-only iso is suitable for users who plan on staying up-to-date regularly by upgrading packages with pacman's --sync feature. This makes it trivial to install new packages once your system is up and running.

New users should note that there are many additional packages available in our second repository, Unofficial. You can enable this package repository by editing your /etc/pacman.conf and re-syncing.

Finally, a huge thank-you to all the developers and dedicated users who have helped us along the way. Without your efforts, we would not be here.