Arch Linux 0.1 (Homer) released

I've finally got a bootable iso image on the ftp site. The bad news is that you don't get a pretty interactive installer. But if you wanted one of those, you would have gone with RedHat, right? ;)

Here's a short list of some future plans for 0.2:

  • Document ABS (Arch Build System) and provide a cvs-like update method so people can start building their own packages.
  • Finish the contrib area and start posting third-party packages.
  • Finish pacman 1.2 -- this will allow you to update your entire system with the latest stable version of all packages, all with one command.
  • Add a pretty interactive installer. ;)
  • Add more documentation -- our docs really suck right now. Please! If you have questions, just ask! Also, if you want to help out in any way, please let me know. I'm a student so my free time comes and goes at the will of my evil profs.

I'll try to get the docs up for ABS (Arch Build System) which, IMHO, is one of the best advantages of Arch. With ABS, you can easily create new packages, and it's trivial to rebuild existing packages with your own customizations.

And on that note, if you start to use the ABS and build your own packages, I welcome your submissions. My "development team" is working on a contrib area as we speak. ;)