Arch at the LinuxTag 2005 in Karlsruhe

LinuxTag in Karlsruhe is over and it went quite well. We met many people and most of them were either happily surprised to see our approaches to the world of Linux or they stopped by to hear what it is all about that different package manager and the KISS strategy. It was good to see how progress is going on the ppc port and how easy it is to fix problems when people put their heads together. And we figured out that all of us have enough social skills to do good partying. Some might remember what I'm talking about ... and some may not :)

All this wouldn't have happened without the people who initiated it, build the contacts and brought the hardware and things to the venue. Thanks to Alexander Baldeck(kth5), Alexander Fehr(pizzapunk),Benjamin Andresen(klapmuetz), Christoph Neuroth(delmonico), Julian Wiesener(yofuh), cnuke and all the other ArchLinux enthusiasts who made that thing going. Also many thanks tho the people who gave donations to the long distance travellers and us in general.

A picture of all the people at the booth is here.

On request: the crowd with names.