And we're back...

I'm sure most of you noticed that was down for most of the day yesterday. What started as a routine kernel upgrade turned into about 10 hours of downtime.

The problem turned out to be an ACPI bug in the recent kernel. Simply disabling it from the boot prompt was all that was required. However, the support team at our hosting provider was a little slow getting to it, so we were stuck waiting around for a 2-minute fix.

To make things more interesting, the recent PHP upgrade (5.0.5) has introduced a new incompatibility with many of our PHP-based web services, so we've been trying to fix them one-by-one as they're found. So far so good on this front.

So this is basically an update to the community, so you all know what happened and why. Things should be running smoothly again. Let us know if they aren't.

On a different note, I've set up an Arch-centric development blog here:

I'm hoping it will be used as a place for regular Arch contributors to post their updates. If you are a developer, a trusted user, or a regular Joe Archer who has some pet projects the community would be interested in, I encourage you to sign up contribute. Details on how to attain posting privileges are here.

Thanks all.