amarok 1.4.0 - fast forward

Important changes in amarok 1.4.0:

  • amarok-engine now exists as virtual dependency that is provided by any amarok-engine-XXX pkg
  • amarok-engine-arts has become obsolete - RIP
  • amarok-engine-gst is under heavy developement and not available for 1.4.0 - it will be probably back in 1.4.1
  • amarok-engine-xine is the only engine available at the moment for arch.
  • there exist other engines for amarok that are not yet packaged. namely they are amarok-engine-helix amarok-engine-nmm and amarok-engine-mas - the requirements for helix are fulfilled by the helixplayer pkg in AUR but we have not yet any NMM or MAS pkgs available - if somebody wants to play with them and contribute this amarok-engines, please take the amarok-engine-xine 1.4.0 PKGBUILD as template - discussion on additional amarok-engines > mailinglist
  • additional dependencies to libifp libgpod libmp4v2 for support of iriver and apple portable music players and MP4/AAC format support
  • libvisual is now not mandatory dependence any more (removing gtk2 dependency), but keep in mind that visualisations will not work if you don't have libvisual + libvisual-plugins installed

a detailed view on new features in amarok 1.4 can be found here.

update: if you use sqlite db-engine and amarok is not longer able to rebuild your collection, please have a look at bug 4658 for a solution.