2007.08-2 ISOs released

Hi Arch community,

Arch Linux 2007.08-2, "Don't Panic" has been released. This is the first release to use our new repo layout. There are two ISOs, ftp and core.

Get Archlinux ISOs in /iso/2007.08/{i686,x86_64} on your favorite mirror. Download_Wiki or Download_Homepage



  • kernel usage
  • disabled arch_addons hook by default, it is now triggered by arch-addons boot parameter
  • RAM usage has increased, these are the new recommendations:
    • 256 MB (FTP-ISO,CORE-ISO arch boot image)
    • 96 MB (CORE-ISO lowmem boot image)


  • fixed the nasty /dev mount bug
  • fixed the /dev/ttyS0 errors if no serial port is installed in the system
  • fixed repositories in install environment to fit to both architectures
  • fixed km to not show broken chars after exit
  • fixed grub installing with xfs filesystem
  • fixed package clearing if setup option was chosen


  • added pptpclient to install environment
  • added sdparm to install environment
  • added all free wireless drivers to install environment
  • added intel wireless drivers to install environment which will be activated by intel-wireless boot parameter
  • added hosts.deny and hosts.allow to config editing dialog
  • added licenses to install environment
  • added new lowmem boot image to core iso stripped everything out that is not necessary for installation

Feedback about 2007.08-2 installations is here: Forum

As usual check md5sum before using the images and also be aware of the new RAM recommendations the images have.

Have fun greetings tpowa