0.8 Voodoo ISOs finally released!

Hi Archlinux Community, 31th March, 14:00 CEST (Central European Summer Time) it's done final 0.8 Voodoo ISOs for i686 and x86_64 are ready :)

Get Archlinux ISOs in /0.8/iso/{i686,x86_64} on your favorite mirror. Download Wiki or Download Homepage

Please don't forget to check md5sums.

Torrents are already up and seeded. Metalink packages will be prepared soon.

Changelog of ISO (compared to 0.7.2 install iso):

  • to boot the ISO 96 MB RAM are recommended, it breaks somewhere between 80 - 90 MB RAM. (calculated like this: kernel image + initrd size + decompressed initrd)
  • dropped install floppy support
  • switched from busybox to archboot usage
  • Updated packages (including linux
  • Full mkinitcpio support
  • Installation on PATA and IDE possible (PATA is default now)   ide-legacy option included for old IDE subsystem
  • All parameters initcpio understands, new ISO does understand
  • Usb devices (keyboards/cd/dvd) should now work as they should
  • Usage of hwdetect/udev autodetection during boot
  • added memtest86+ to iso
  • added installation support on cciss devices
  • pacman is included to allow installation of any other needed package in install environment.
  • added /etc/rc.d/ and /etc/rc.conf support
  • added arch network support, including ssh,telnet and portmap services
  • added vpn support
  • added framebuffer modules to install environment
  • added cpufreq support
  • added iptables support
  • added grub and lilo to install environment
  • custom config files support: any media with /config directory and files will be copied to /etc/ install environment
  • loading packages as addons during boot: any media with /packages directory including pacman packages will be installed during bootup.
  • links and naim included to be able to communicate over the internet.
  • added kexec support

Changelog of new setup (compared to 0.7.2 setup):

  • added some information dialogs
  • added some confirmation dialogs
  • added set root password
  • removed all kernel24 stuff
  • switched to initcpio only support
  • added locale-gen file for editing
  • only show devices that are usefull in mountpoints selection,   partitioning and network
  • possibility to select dm and md devices from setup   (creation of lvm and md still needs to be done by hand!)
  • mkinitcpio autoconfiguration. This includes HOOKS autoconfiguration   and hostcontroller configuration: ide/scsi/sata modules are put into   MODULES= in mkinitcpio.conf to ensure right loading order and avoid   device-swapping
  • network modules are put in the MODULES=() in rc.conf - again, this is   done to avoid random swapping of multiple network interfaces
  • added http:// net install support

Bug collector of fixed showstoppers is here: Fixed_Showstoppers

Forum feedback about 0.8 testing is here: Forum_Testing

Feedback about 0.8 final installations is here: Forum_Final

I would like to thank you all, who assisted in testing and of course finding/fixing bugs, you users/devs simply rock.

Happy installing and have fun.

greetings tpowa