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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
x86_64 Extra python-pysequoia 0.1.24-2 Provides OpenPGP facilities in Python through the Sequoia PGP library 2024-04-27
x86_64 Extra sequoia-chameleon-gnupg 0.9.0-1 A re-implementation and drop-in replacement of gpg and gpgv 2024-05-09
x86_64 Extra sequoia-keyring-linter 1.0.0-1 OpenPGP certificate linter 2023-05-19 2023-10-14
x86_64 Extra sequoia-sop 0.32.0-1 Implementation of the Stateless OpenPGP Interface using Sequoia 2024-03-20
x86_64 Extra-Testing sequoia-sq 0.36.0-1 Command-line frontends for Sequoia 2024-05-25
x86_64 Extra sequoia-sq 0.35.0-1 Command-line frontends for Sequoia 2024-04-27
x86_64 Extra sequoia-sqv 1.2.1-1 Simple OpenPGP signature verification program 2024-05-25
x86_64 Extra sequoia-wot 0.11.0-1 An implementation of OpenPGP's web of trust 2024-02-29