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65 packages found.

Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
x86_64 Extra capnet-assist 2.4.4-1 Captive Portal Assistant 2023-06-03
x86_64 Extra cerbere 2.5.1-3 The Pantheon Watchdog 2024-07-12
x86_64 Extra contractor 0.3.5-3 A desktop-wide extension service 2024-07-12
any Extra elementary-icon-theme 8.0.0-1 Named, vector icons for elementary OS 2024-05-20
any Extra elementary-wallpapers 7.0.0-2 Collection of wallpapers for elementary OS 2024-07-12
x86_64 Extra gala 7.1.3.r68.5644c667-1 The Pantheon Window Manager 2024-05-20
x86_64 Extra granite 1:6.2.0-1 Library that extends Gtk+ 2024-07-12
x86_64 Extra granite7 7.5.0-1 Library that extends Gtk+ 2024-05-20
any Extra gtk-theme-elementary 8.0.0-1 elementary GTK theme 2024-05-20
x86_64 Extra lightdm-pantheon-greeter 7.0.0.r32.c98415ac-1 Pantheon greeter for LightDM 2024-05-20
x86_64 Extra pantheon-applications-menu 2.11.1-2 The Pantheon Application Menu 2023-05-25
x86_64 Extra pantheon-calculator 2.0.3-1 The Pantheon Calculator 2023-12-05 2024-05-24
x86_64 Extra pantheon-calendar 7.0.0-2 The Pantheon Calendar 2024-03-23
x86_64 Extra pantheon-camera 6.2.2-2 The Pantheon Camera Application 2024-05-11
x86_64 Extra pantheon-code 7.2.0-1 The Pantheon Text Editor 2024-01-19
any Extra pantheon-default-settings 7.1.0-1 Default settings for Pantheon 2023-08-25
x86_64 Extra pantheon-files 6.5.3-1 The Pantheon File Browser 2023-12-20
x86_64 Extra pantheon-geoclue2-agent 1.0.6-2 Pantheon Geoclue2 Agent 2024-07-13
x86_64 Extra pantheon-mail 7.2.0-1 Mail app designed for elementary OS 2023-08-04
x86_64 Extra pantheon-music 7.1.0-1 The Pantheon Music Player 2023-06-03
x86_64 Extra pantheon-notifications 7.0.1-1 Gtk Notifications Server 2023-08-25
x86_64 Extra pantheon-onboarding 7.2.0-1 Onboarding app for new users 2023-08-15
x86_64 Extra pantheon-photos 2.8.0-3 The Pantheon Photos Manager 2024-07-13
x86_64 Extra pantheon-polkit-agent 1.0.5-2 Pantheon Polkit Agent 2024-07-13 2024-05-29
x86_64 Extra pantheon-screenshot 6.0.4-1 The Pantheon Screenshot Tool 2023-06-03
any Extra pantheon-session 6.0.0-4 Session settings for Pantheon 2023-05-25 2024-05-25
any Extra pantheon-settings-daemon 1.3.1-1 Default settings for Pantheon 2023-08-01
x86_64 Extra pantheon-shortcut-overlay 2.0.1-2 A native, OS-wide shortcut overlay 2024-07-13
x86_64 Extra pantheon-sideload 6.2.1-1 Sideload Flatpaks on elementary OS 2023-07-18
x86_64 Extra pantheon-tasks 6.3.2-2 The Pantheon tasks 2024-03-23
x86_64 Extra pantheon-terminal 6.1.2-2 The Pantheon Terminal Emulator 2024-07-13
x86_64 Extra pantheon-videos 3.0.0-2 The Pantheon Video Player 2024-05-11
any Extra sound-theme-elementary 1.1.0-4 A bespoke sound for your theme 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard 8.0.0-1 The Pantheon Control Center 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-about 6.2.0.r282.94871c21-1 Switchboard About Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-applications 7.0.1.r247.92346d65-1 Switchboard Applications Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-bluetooth 2.3.6.r148.34e1d73-1 Switchboard Bluetooth Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-datetime 2.2.0.r194.3d22837-1 Switchboard Date & Time Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-desktop 6.5.0.r127.7552ae62-1 Switchboard Desktop Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-display 7.0.0.r66.39d2ae5-1 Switchboard Display Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-keyboard 3.2.1.r166.2d87a593-1 Switchboard Keyboard Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-locale 2.5.9.r177.9e8cd84-1 Switchboard Locale Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-mouse-touchpad 7.0.0.r230.bed5553d-1 Switchboard Mouse & Touchpad Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-network 2.5.0.r158.63d08c3e-1 Switchboard Network Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-notifications 2.2.0.r150.12533fb-1 Switchboard Notifications Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-online-accounts 6.5.3.r66.2a1461a8-1 Switchboard Online Accounts Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-parental-controls 6.0.1.r100.4910078-1 Switchboard Parental Controls Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-power 2.7.0.r213.19e47af7-1 Switchboard Power Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-printers 2.2.1.r157.6487945-1 Switchboard Printers Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-security-privacy 7.1.0.r100.66928c1e-1 Switchboard Security & Privacy Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-sharing 2.1.6.r359.2d6b2f1-1 Switchboard Sharing Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-sound 2.3.3.r91.8cabffc-1 Switchboard Sound Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-user-accounts 2.4.3.r163.87a5341-1 Switchboard User Accounts Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra switchboard-plug-wacom 8.0.0-1 Switchboard wacom Plug 2024-07-05
x86_64 Extra wingpanel 3.0.5.r11.5d22d43-1 The Pantheon Top Panel 2024-05-20
x86_64 Extra wingpanel-indicator-a11y 1.0.2-1 Wingpanel Universal Access Indicator 2023-08-01
x86_64 Extra wingpanel-indicator-bluetooth 7.0.1-1 Wingpanel Bluetooth Indicator 2023-07-18
x86_64 Extra wingpanel-indicator-datetime 2.4.1-4 Date & Time indicator for Wingpanel 2024-03-23
x86_64 Extra wingpanel-indicator-keyboard 2.4.1-3 Wingpanel Keyboard Indicator 2024-07-14
x86_64 Extra wingpanel-indicator-network 7.1.0-1 Wingpanel Network Indicator 2024-01-19
x86_64 Extra wingpanel-indicator-nightlight 2.1.2-1 Winganel Nightlight Indicator 2023-07-18
x86_64 Extra wingpanel-indicator-notifications 7.1.0-1 Notifications indicator for Wingpanel 2023-09-19
x86_64 Extra wingpanel-indicator-power 6.2.1-1 Wingpanel Power Indicator 2023-08-27
x86_64 Extra wingpanel-indicator-session 2.3.1-3 Session indicator for Wingpanel 2024-07-14
x86_64 Extra wingpanel-indicator-sound 7.0.0-1 Wingpanel Sound Indicator 2023-07-18