Group Details - kde-system (x86_64)

8 packages found.

Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
x86_64 Extra dolphin 23.04.1-2 KDE File Manager 2023-05-27
x86_64 Extra kcron 23.04.1-1 Configure and schedule tasks 2023-05-11
x86_64 Extra kde-inotify-survey 23.04.1-1 Tooling for monitoring inotify limits and informing the user when they have been or about to be reached 2023-05-11
x86_64 Extra khelpcenter 23.04.1-1 Application to show KDE Applications documentation 2023-05-11
x86_64 Extra kio-admin 23.04.1-1 Manage files as administrator using the admin:// KIO protocol 2023-05-11
x86_64 Extra kjournald 23.04.1-1 Framework for interacting with systemd-journald 2023-05-11
x86_64 Extra ksystemlog 23.04.1-1 System log viewer tool 2023-05-11
x86_64 Extra partitionmanager 23.04.1-1 A KDE utility that allows you to manage disks, partitions, and file systems 2023-05-11