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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
x86_64 Community i3blocks 1.5-3 Define blocks for your i3bar status line 2019-09-09
x86_64 Community i3-gaps 4.20-1 A fork of i3wm tiling window manager with more features, including gaps 2021-10-20
x86_64 Community i3lock 2.13-1 Improved screenlocker based upon XCB and PAM 2020-11-13
x86_64 Community i3status 2.13-3 Generates status bar to use with i3bar, dzen2 or xmobar 2020-07-09
x86_64 Community i3-wm 4.20-1 Improved dynamic tiling window manager 2021-10-19