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Arch Repo Name Version Description Last Updated Flag Date
any Extra deepin-account-faces 1.0.16-1 Account faces for Linux Deepin 2023-12-27
x86_64 Extra deepin-anything 5.0.18-1 Deepin Anything file search tool 2023-05-19 2023-09-10
x86_64 Extra deepin-api 6.0.9-1 Dbus interfaces for miscellaneous desktop services 2023-12-01
x86_64 Extra deepin-app-services 1.0.25-1 Service collection of DDE applications, including dconfig-center 2024-01-29
x86_64 Extra deepin-appearance 1.1.25-1 Application resource management and control services for the dde desktop environment 2024-02-19
x86_64 Extra deepin-application-manager 1.1.8-1 App manager of Deepin Desktop Environment 2024-01-29
x86_64 Extra deepin-calendar 5.12.1-1 Calendar for Deepin Desktop Environment 2024-01-15
x86_64 Extra deepin-control-center 6.0.40-1 Control panel of Deepin Desktop Environment 2024-01-29
x86_64 Extra deepin-daemon 6.0.34-1 Daemon handling the DDE session settings 2024-02-13
any Extra deepin-desktop-base 2:2024.01.03-1 Base component for Deepin 2024-01-16
any Extra deepin-desktop-schemas 6.0.5-2 GSettings deepin desktop-wide schemas 2023-09-19
any Extra deepin-desktop-theme 1.0.9-1 Theme resources for Deepin desktop environment 2023-11-20
x86_64 Extra deepin-dock 6.0.30-1 The dock of Deepin Desktop Environment 2024-02-13
x86_64 Extra deepin-file-manager 1:6.0.37-4 Deepin File Manager 2024-01-29
any Extra deepin-gtk-theme 2020.06.10-1 Deepin GTK Theme 2023-05-19
any Extra deepin-icon-theme 2024.01.31-1 Deepin Icons 2024-02-02
x86_64 Extra deepin-image-viewer 5.9.13-3 An image viewing tool with fashion interface and smooth performance 2024-01-06 2023-09-10
x86_64 Extra deepin-menu 5.0.1-14 Deepin menu service for building beautiful menus 2024-01-06
x86_64 Extra deepin-network-core 2.0.15-3 DDE network library and plugins 2023-10-01
x86_64 Extra deepin-network-utils 5.4.13-1 DDE network utils 2023-05-19
x86_64 Extra deepin-polkit-agent 6.0.5-1 Deepin Polkit Agent 2023-09-19
x86_64 Extra deepin-polkit-agent-ext-gnomekeyring 5.0.1-1 GNOME keyring extension for dde-polkit-agent 2023-09-20
x86_64 Extra deepin-pw-check 6.0.2-1 Tool to verify the validity of the password 2023-09-19
x86_64 Extra deepin-qt5integration 5.6.20-2 Qt platform theme integration plugins for DDE 2024-01-06
x86_64 Extra deepin-qt5platform-plugins 5.6.22-2 Qt platform plugins for DDE 2024-02-15
x86_64 Extra deepin-qt6integration 6.0.4-2 Qt 6 platform theme integration plugins for DDE 2024-02-16
x86_64 Extra deepin-qt6platform-plugins 6.0.4-2 Qt 6 platform plugins for DDE 2024-02-16
x86_64 Extra deepin-screensaver 5.0.18-1 Deepin screensaver viewer and tools 2024-01-16
x86_64 Extra deepin-session 1.2.5-2 New deepin session, based on systemd and existing projects 2024-02-15
x86_64 Extra deepin-session-shell 6.0.16-1 Deepin desktop-environment - session-shell module 2024-02-02
x86_64 Extra deepin-session-ui 6.0.14-1 Deepin desktop-environment - Session UI module 2024-01-31
x86_64 Extra deepin-shortcut-viewer 5.0.7-1 Deepin Shortcut Viewer 2023-05-19
any Extra deepin-sound-theme 15.10.6-1 Deepin sound theme 2023-05-19
x86_64 Extra deepin-system-monitor 6.0.12-1 A more user-friendly system monitor 2024-02-02
x86_64 Extra deepin-turbo 0.0.6-1 A daemon that helps to launch applications faster 2023-05-19 2023-09-10
any Extra deepin-wallpapers 1:1.7.7-2 Default wallpapers for DDE 2023-05-19 2023-08-20
x86_64 Extra deepin-widgets 6.0.14-2 Desktop widgets service/implementation for DDE 2023-11-27
x86_64 Extra deepin-wloutput-daemon 2.0.3-1 Daemon for display settings in the DDE KWayland desktop environment 2023-09-19
x86_64 Extra docparser 1.0.3-1 A document parser library ported from document2html 2023-05-19
x86_64 Extra startdde 6.0.13-1 starter of deepin desktop environment 2024-01-06
x86_64 Extra xdg-desktop-portal-dde 1.0.5-5 A backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal on Deepin desktop environment 2023-10-03