Rebuild Todo List Removal of relative paths from systemd-tmpfiles calls in install scripts

2013-03-17 - Evangelos Foutras

Either just the basename (e.g. apache.conf) or an absolute path (e.g. /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/apache.conf) will work.

Just the configuration filename (e.g. apache.conf) would be preferable to the absolute path (in my opinion). This is why I've included samba and lightdm which use absolute paths.

[This change in behavior was introduced in system 198 by]


For an example of the issue consider the following command:

# systemd-tmpfiles --create usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/apache.conf

Regardless of whether it's run from the root directory (/) or not, it will try to open the following files:

* /etc/tmpfiles.d/usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/apache.conf
* /run/tmpfiles.d/usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/apache.conf
* /usr/local/lib/tmpfiles.d/usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/apache.conf
* /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/apache.conf

After which it will fail with:

Failed to open 'usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/apache.conf', ignoring: No such file or directory

The above causes the /run/httpd directory not to be created on installation (

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