Release Notes

Archiso (image builds):

  • all ISO files can now be burned onto CD's as well as written to media like usb sticks (isohybrid)
  • more than half of the packages in core are now xz compressed
  • next to the single architecture images we provide dual images which can be used as 32bit or 64bit medium
  • use isolinux bootloader exclusively for booting the live media
  • snapshot of current core, including kernel, pacman-3.3.3-5 and glibc-2.11.1-3
  • updated memtest
  • support for PXE booting
  • provide wpa_supplicant
  • support virtio

AIF (installation tool): * ability to choose uuid/label/devicefile blockdevice representation; automatically applied in menu.lst, fstab, etc * split off UI library into separate libui-sh project * support virtio blockdevices * allow user to specify additional custom arguments for mkfs and the like

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