Release Notes

Changes since the 2009.02 release:

  • built from a current snapshot of [core], which includes kernel, udev 141-5 and pacman 3.3.0-3.
  • usage of new AIF installer, which brings:
    • better disk editor with support for dm_crypt and lvm setups
    • support for automated installations using config files (deprecates quickinst)
    • a framework to build your own installation procedures
    • enhanced date/time setting with ntp support
    • refactored grub installation routines
    • usability improvements
  • aufs instead of unionfs
  • enhanced boot device detection on image start
  • bugfixes (xfs freeze, mirror setting, clock correctness, network settings, ...)
  • more useful automatic configuration settings for your target system based on your settings during the installation
  • ftp images are renamed to netinstall to avoid confusion
  • and much more...