kernel 2.6.32 series moved to the [core] repository

Hi arch community, The new 2.6.32 kernel series moved to the [core] repository. Upstream changes

Arch Linux bugfixes/feature requests:

KMS changes:

  • changed intel kms enabled by default
  • radeon kms is now disabled by default Please use the modeset option to enable it.
  • Early userspace KMS support is broken at the moment for radeon and nvidia cards. There are some workarounds posted on the ML, bugtracker and on the forum. Next mkinitcpio update will fix this regression in the future.

Arch Linux changes:

  • split kernel-headers to extra package If you want to build external modules please install: pacman -S kernel26-headers Please change your PKGBUILDS to makedepend on this package.
  • added xen support to 64bit kernel
  • changed to new firewire subsystem